The Mobile Memories Experience

Mobile Memories Photo Booth is a fun twist on an old tradition!

Photo Booths are so much fun! Our spacious booth easily accommodates up to 10 people, is fully automated...and includes a box of fun props. The props make the Photo Booth quite the experience!

And why squeeze 10 people into the booth if everyone doesn't get their own photo strip?
We are proud to offer complimentary 2x6 photo strips for EVERYONE who enters the photo booth. So if 10 guests go in, all 10 get a photo strip to keep!

Photo Booths become an instant hit at every event...they are just so much fun! From kids to adults...everyone loves the photo booth experience! We assure you your guests will go home talking about it!

As photographers, we built the booth with professional equipment, from the camera to the rest assured that you will have quality images! Also, because we take our commitments very seriously, we have backup equipment.

Check out our F.A.Q section to learn more about our booth and how we do things...we would love to work with you for your upcoming wedding or event!